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Technical Writer

Tom is a seasoned professional technical writer and documentation specialist. He is also an award-winning Newsletter writer, with Extensive experience in the design, writing, training, and maintenance of computer-related documentation (written, spoken, and digital), as well as business, marketing, and promotional writing, across a broad range of clients and industries. As an independent consultant, projects included content and web site development, help files, process flows, vendor evaluations, financial publications, research reports, policies and standards, architecture diagrams, system documentation (PC, mainframe, and distributed network platforms), user documentation, brochures, and technical course manuals. Tom specializes in user-aware documents, and writes for appropriate audiences. He has a long-term relationship with answerYES, and has contributed several administrative and customer focused publications.

Our Team

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Creative Director

Creative coder, savvy marketer

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Director of Client Products

Fearless leader, super communicator

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Software UX/UI Developer

Client Champion, passionate programmer

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Software developer

Experience creator, guru developer

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Software Developer

Agile architect, power strategist

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