Tom is a seasoned professional technical writer and documentation specialist. He is also an award-winning Newsletter writer, with Extensive experience in the design, writing, training, and maintenance of computer-related documentation (written, spoken, and digital), as well as business, marketing, and promotional writing, across a broad range of clients and industries. As an independent consultant, projects included content and web site development, help files, process flows, vendor evaluations, financial publications, research reports, policies and standards, architecture diagrams, system documentation (PC, mainframe, and distributed network platforms), user documentation, brochures, and technical course manuals. Tom specializes in user-aware documents, and writes for appropriate audiences. He has a long-term relationship with answerYES, and has contributed several administrative and customer focused publications.


Paul does what he loves best: he designs and builds powerful, user-centered software. And that means he digs in to discover what our clients want and need their software to do. He’s a master at overcoming tricky design obstacles and fitting all the back-end parts into a streamlined, high-performance product.


Mike brings serious UX and IT experience to our team and helps our clients turn their vision into an extraordinary software machine.

He takes what starts as a nebulous idea — shapes and customizes all the details — and transforms it into an exciting software experience.


As our UX/UI pro, it’s Juliusz’ responsibility to translate our clients’ diverse needs and ideas into beautiful, functional software.

And that starts with the end-user. He loves to dig into their feedback, thread it into the design and watch the final product blow them away.


From start to end, Bob has his eye on the project’s whole process. He creates and executes the plan that gets our clients the technology they need.

That includes guiding their project from the initial idea, connecting all the moving parts and bringing everyone over the finish line.

His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the team’s work power up and take off as a stunning final product.


As answerYES’ founder and president, it’s Andrew’s goal to help each client succeed by custom-building products they — and their end users — will love.

Whether our clients know what they want or have just a sliver of an idea, Andrew taps into his design, development and marketing talents to help them overcome their greatest challenges.

His work is done only when everyone is happy.

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